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1. How to previews

The monthly comic book catalog called Previews is the centerpiece of our store. It is published by the only comic wholesaler in the USA, Diamond Comics, and in it you can find ALL previews for the so called Direct Market. The Direct Market is the special American system of comic book stores we have joined. We are, in more ways than one, an American comic store on German ground. The Direct Market works like this: The wholesaler (Diamond) sends out a catalog (the Previews) to all Direct Market comic book stores around the world; the items in the catalogs are usually (for books and especially for statues/action figures etc. the time frames are longer) available 3 months later. Diamond collects (also monthly) the orders for the comics from the retailers (e.g. Black Dog Comics), passes them on to the publishers, and only then do the publishers decide on the print run. In return, all customers are guaranteed to receive the ordered items. The Previews catalog is available every month and for our online customers (who don't have the chance to look at the catalog in our store) we offer the catalog as a subscription for 1,50 €. Of course, the new articles of the preview can also be found on our website at the same time as the delivery. Click here: to stay informed about the US-ComicMrkt. Go through the catalog monthly (as a paper catalog or digitally on the website); either way the Previews is the comic reader's best friend!