1. General Information

This homepage is primarily geared towards experienced collectors of American comicbooks. If you're a newcomer, we are here to answer any questions, especially regarding the preorder-system and the grading scale. All comics are written in English!

2. Your Account

Following sections will show you your current subscriptions and previous orders: Active Abos, Ordered Items, Invoiced Items, Abo-Box, Initial Cancellations and Reorder Cancellations.

Active Abos

Here you can check your subscriptions of currently running series. Subscriptions on past or canceled series are not deleted – unless you ask for it – but are not displayed here for reasons of space constraints. More on subscriptions...

Ordered Items

This section shows all reserved items, i.e. both reorders (previously released) and preorders (to be released). Preorders that also function as the first issue of your subsciption are marked by the addendum '(AbN)'.

Invoiced Items

Only for customers that receive their items via shipment! Here you can see all reserved items that are ready to be shipped.


Only for customers that collect their comics from the store themselves! Here you can see all items waiting for you in the store.

Initial Cancellations

Here you can find a list of titles canceled by the publishers or distributors. These are shown for a period of 30 days. If these titles are resolicitated at a later point in time, single orders have to be reordered manually, while subscriptions continue automatically.

Reorder Cancellations

Here you'll find a list of ordered items that turned out to be unavailable for reorder .After 30 days the order will automatically be deleted.

3. Preorders and Preview-Orders

As an authorized dealer we deal in all announced publications by leading US-publishers (only exception are items that are blocked by import laws). Items are listed under 'Issue' in the following format:

PV-25.01.12 #4($2,99)

This means the issue is due for release on January 25th 2012. (Publications by the major publishers are rarely delayed, but there's always a chance that a creator or editor falls behind schedule). Initial Cancellations, i.e. publications canceled by the publisher are shown under 'Your Account' for a period of 30 days. Resolicitated items may differ in content and price from the initial announcement and thus have to be reordered manually. If you want to make sure not to miss an issue of a series, you should consider a subscription.

To reduce shipping costs we collect orders and then ship these orders once a month, at the end of the month, once we receive the new 'Previews' catalog. If you want to receive your items at a different frequency (e.g. biweekly or every 2 months), just send us a message!

Canceling a Preorder

If you want to cancel a preorder, go to 'Your Account', choose the section 'Ordered Items', and click 'Drop' next to the preorder in question. The preordered item will be automatically placed in your cart with a quantity of '-1'. After you finish and send your order, the preorder will be cancelled.

4. Subscriptions

Subscriptions – Basics

A subscription applies to future publications and can be canceled at any time. It serves to complete a series and is basically an endless recurring preorder of single issues in a series. Issues that have been published prior to placing the subscription are unaffected by the subscription.

Subscriptions – Advantages

In comparison to preordering single issues a subscriptions offer two main advantages: It takes less work and offers for more security. Instead of having to wait for announcements and preorder each and every single issue, you can simply add the series to your subscriptions. That way you never miss an issue. We also benefit from the same advantages, which is why we offer discounts for subscribers – you help us keep the store running!

Subscriptions – Distinctions

When it comes to initial cancellations, subscribers do not have to worry about a thing if the item is resolicitated – if it is part of a series, you will receive the issue. Customers who ordered a canceled item which is being resolicitated need to place a new order if they are still interested.

Subscriptions – Application

Two things are necessary when it comes to the upkeep of our subscription services: A steady series title and continuous numbering. This is why we don't usually offer subscriptions for trade paperbacks etc. As these titles are also generally available for continuous reorder (unlike many single issues), there is also lees to be gained from a subscription.

General Rules

You can start or end a subscription of a currently running series at any time. Issues with unorthodox numbering (e.g. #0, #1.1 etc.) are treated as part of the series. Annuals, sourcebooks, and other types of special issues have to be ordered manually. We ship orders once a month, at the end of the month, with the release of the new 'Previews' catalog. That way we can make the most of your discounts on subscriptions.

Placing a Subscription

Simply click on the 'Abo' button. All titles available for subscription are listed ---

After selecting your subscriptions, you can check your these in a separate list in your cart. The column labeled 'Begins/End with' features the first issue you will receive as part of the subscription. This is usually the next regular publication in the series. Many titles also allow you to choose a later publication as your starting point.

Canceling a Subscription

You can view your current subscriptions under 'Your Account'. If you click the 'Drop' button next to the subscription you want to cancel, it will automatically placed in the cart with a quantitiy of '-1'. The column 'Begins/Ends with' shows the last issue you will receive. Usually this is the current issue, i.e. the last release in the series. Many titles also allow you to choose a later publication as your ending point.

5. Pricing

We calculate our prices using our base exchange rate. It is based on the current US-Dollar rate as listed by the German customs (see: www.zoll-d.de) plus shipping expenses of currently 8%. This number can change depending on any possible fees placed on air freight. Thus, our prices are generated by multiplying the cover-price with our base exchange rate.

Subscribers are granted discounts on our prices. The amount of that discount varies from publisher to publisher (as each publisher has their own pricing policy) but generally, bigger publisher means bigger discount. We also grant further discounts if you regularly order higher quantities. (Thank you for your patronage.)

For example: If you order 50$ worth of comics every month, we will grant a 16% discount on DC Comics instead of the regular subscriber discount of 10%. This discount will also be applied to any preorders placed online.

Exceptions may occur when it comes to limited editions, special issues etc. These publications are often bound to very specific conditions in terms of quantity and price, therefore discount rates might be significantly lowered.

You can learn more about our pricing system in the table below.

The final price will also include the VAT of 7% (comics, books & magazines) or 19% (statues, shirts, etc.) and any shipping costs.

Discounts (based on your monthly average)

Dark Horse/DC/Image:
28,00% ($300+) - 22,00% ($150-$300) - 16,00% ($50-$150) - 10,00%($0-$150)
Dark Horse TPs:
26,24% ($300+) - 20,40% ($150-$300) - 14,56% ($50-$150) - 8,73% ($0-$150)
Marvel/Archie/Avatar/Devils Due/IDW/Oni/Sirius/Wizard/...:
24,47% ($300+) - 18,80% ($150-$300) - 13,13% ($50-$150) - 7,45% ($0-$150)
20,95% $300+) - 15,60%($150-$300) - 10,25% ($50-$150) - 4,91% ($0-$150)
Avatar special/D & Q/I Books/...:
17,42% ($300+) - 12,40% ($150-$300) - 7,38% ($50-$150) - 2,36% ($0-$150)
AC/Dynamic Forces/Comic Mags/...:
12,21% ($300+) - 7,14% ($150-$300) - 2,08% ($50-$150) - -2,99% ($0-$150)

We further raise the discounts if the cover price exceeds 20.00$. For example, if a book has a cover price of 50.00$, discount rates would look like this:

Dark Horse/DC/Image/Marvel:
28,09% ($300+) - 22,66% ($150-$300) - 17,22% ($50-$150) - 11,78% ( $0-$150)
Dark Horse TPs:
26,33% ($300+) - 21,04% ($150-$300) - 15,76% ($50-$150) - 10,47%($0-$150)
Archie/Avatar/Devils Due/IDW/Oni/Sirius/Wizard/...:
24,56% ($300+) - 19,43% ($150-$300) - 14,29% ($50-$150) - 9,16% ($0-$150)
21,03% $300+) - 16,20% ($150-$300) - 11,36% ($50-$150) - 6,53% ($0-$150)
Avatar special/D & Q/I Books/...:
17,50% ($300+) - 12,97% ($150-$300) - 8,44% ($50-$150) - 3,91% ($0-$150)
AC/Dynamic Forces/Comic Mags/...:
12,28% ($300+) - 7,68% ($150-$300) - 3,08% ($50-$150) - -1,53% ($0-$150)

6. Abbreviations

PV = PREVIEWS (recently announced items available for preorder. Offers the highest discount rates)

PO = PREORDER (items that have not been published yet, but will likely have to be reordered. Offers lower discount rates.)

PX = Previews Special (exclusive variant covers etc., only available via the Previews catalog.)

GN = Graphic Novel (complete work by a comics creator or team of creators, no reprint)

HC = Hardcover (hardcover collection, usually reprinting material previously released as single issues)

TP = Trade Paperback (softcover collection, usually reprinting material previously released as single issues)

c = cover ()
col = collector's edition ()
dlx = deluxe edition ()
news = newstand edition ()
reg = regular edition ()
pr = printing ()
prt = ()
ptg = ()

DF = Dynamic Forces (specialized publisher of limited and signed special editions of regular comicbooks. These editions do not have a cover price and are only available dedicated comic book stores.)

AU = Another Universe (see DF)

7. Grading Scale

m = mint (collectible in perfect condition. Will not have any evidence of handling defects. Very rare.)

nm = near mint (A very well-preserved collectible in new condition. Standard grade for our comics, if no other grade is given.)

vf = very fine (An attractive collectible with a moderate defect, basically like new.)

fn = fine (An average collectible with a major defect and some smaller defects, or an accumulation of small defects.)

vg = very good (A below-average collectible with multiple moderate defects.)

g = good (A collectible that shows extensive evidence of handling with multiple moderate-to-major defects, but contains all pages that are part of the story. This grade is often viewed as the lowest grade worth collecting.)

fr = fair (A collectible that shows extensive evidence of handling with a heavy accumulation of major defects that might be missing pages.)

p = poor (A heavily defaced collectible with a number major defect. Can be hard to look at.)

8. Search & Find

Single issues of a series are displayed from newest to oldest, so the issue most recently announced or released will be displayed at the top. If you are looking for older issues of a long-running series, you may limit your search accordingly to avoid endless scrolling.

We recommend using the '*' symbol. You can also filter your search by using the categories 'Title', 'Issue', 'Publisher', or 'Creator'.

You can find further information regarding our search engine on our 'Search' page.

9. Our database

We try our best to keep our database updated and organized. With the huge number of comics around (and in our store), however, we cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of the search results. If in doubt, you can research specific titles or numbers and ask us in person!