About Us

For more than 20 years Black Dog Comics has been a staple of the Berlin comic-scene. After humble beginnings on local flea markets, founders Dirk and Brigitte established their first permanent store in 1991. 8 years later they would move the store from Wedding to Rodenbergstraße 9 in the district of Prenzlauer Berg, where you can find us to this day.

In the 2010's both founders decided to retire, handing over the reigns to a new and ...somewhat young generation of comic-enthusiasts.

Dirk-Martin, Patrick, and Tobias have been keeping the lighthouse since then, guiding fans of American comic books to a safe – and well-stocked – haven.

What you'll find here is a store whose staff has worked hard to become a mainstay in the popular neighborhood Prenzlauer Berg. Black Dog Comics is part of a lively scene of small, owner-operated businesses that – like the space-faring rebels of a galaxy far, far away – continuously defies the empire.

Here at Black Dog Comics you can come in, say hi, get recommendations, and talk shop with people as much in love with comics as you are. We pride ourselves on being a store where you can still flip through actual paper; where customers and retailers are readers, not just number crunchers.

With an ever-growing group of regulars and returning customers, Black Dog Comics has become an island of comic culture where people from all walks of life meet up week after week.

We specialize in US-Comics and you will always find the current issues on our stands! Each week we import a (sometimes literal) ton of single issues, trade paperbacks, and hardcovers from overseas. Each Wednesday aka New Comic Book Day our shelves are stocked with the newest and hottest publications – just like the stores of the US. Thanks to different time zones, we are actually able to sell new wares a couple of hours before our American colleagues,.

Our line-up of comics includes the 'usual suspects' like Marvel, DC, Image & co. but we also provide a platform for smaller and independent publishers. American comics are much more than 'just' superheroes and men-in-tights. Comics are for ever type of reader and here at Black Dog Comics, we like to prove that.

The backbone of our business is an uncomplicated subscription-system, following once again the example of US-stores. You tell us which series you want to read and we make sure you never miss an issue. You can cancel subscriptions at any time and will only pay once the wares are on their way to you. This system makes things easier for everyone and also allows us to thank our returning customers in the form of regular discounts. In short: More subscriptions mean you pay less for single items (you can find the exact numbers HERE).

If you are a fan of American comic books and live outside of Berlin – fret not! You can still use all of our services. As our local store grew, so did our shipping department – we ship to all corners of Germany as well as the rest of Europe.

EU-friendly shipping has become a pillar of our business, which is why we work hard every day to make sure that your orders are processed quickly and thoroughly.

With years of experience, we strive to make sure that every single batch of comics reaches our customers quickly and undamaged. It goes without saying that we use recycled materials whenever possible. We also use customized envelopes, allowing us to ship even small orders in the safest way possible.

So, whether, you visit our store in person or online: We are here for you!

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