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30 years of Brick & Mortar! That's something to celebrate! With our 30th anniversary, we have many special promotions, permanent price reductions, great sales, as well as some new features and surprises in store throughout the year.

Our current Indie Sale kicks things off. Over 10,000 items from countless independent publishers are currently available at a whopping 50% off.

We are continuing with a prize draw that we are launching today (February 16): From now on, you will automatically be entered into our anniversary prize draw if you enter the code "30BDC" in the "Comments and requests" field of your order. We will raffle off the following prizes among ALL incoming orders until February 29th:

Furthermore, starting with the January catalogs, we are permanently lowering the PV prices for Marvel and DC omnibuses so that we can now sell them to our regular customers for up to 28% below the cover price, depending on the discount level.     

Finally, we are expanding our welcome gift for new customers. In addition to the usual comic packs that we traditionally include with new customers' first deliveries, you will now also (!) receive the one-shot "GHOST-MACHINE" by IMAGE free of charge (only while stocks last).    

New customers get free stuff!

If you would like to toast to 30 years of Black Dog Comics with us, you can mark this year's FCBD in red in your calendar: On Saturday, May 4, we will be celebrating our birthday - this much we can already reveal - in an appropriate manner.

Thank you for 30 years of loyalty! Here's to the next 30!

Team Black Dog : )

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Never again! To ensure that this does not remain a hollow phrase, we are all called upon now. In the tradition of anti-fascist superheroes, we are taking a clear stand against the racist and Nazi-soaked AfD and behind all our customers who do not fit into the party's brown world view. 

So we want to help a little. People who can use all the help they can get in the fight against right-wing extremism.

You can now buy an "anti-fascist comic pack" in our store and on our website. 

100% of the proceeds will go to the apabiz, which we briefly introduce here. The donation pack contains 15 US comics from our backstock and costs at least 5 euros. If you can, you can donate more with the 10 Euro and 15 Euro version of the comic pack.  THANK YOU!

The money you donate by purchasing the "anti-fascist comic pack" will go to the Anti-Fascist Press and Education Center (apabiz). The center has been based in Berlin-Kreuzberg since 1991, from where it observes and archives developments in the extreme right in Germany. In terms of groups, this concerns "militant neo-Nazis and right-wing terrorists, extreme right-wing parties, comradeships, organized racists and anti-feminists and a number of smaller but interesting niche organizations such as völkische Germanengläubige or the so-called "»Lebensschutz«-Bewegung. The apabiz also offers educational events to inform people about the extreme right.

You can find all the important information here: https://auf-dauer.apabiz.de/infoseite/

In its own publications, apabiz also provides information on current developments in the right-wing scene in Germany. At the end of 2022, apabiz published a very readable, two-part dossier on the significance of right-wing comics, which was of course of particular interest to us. Right-wing actors are increasingly trying to cast their inhumane content in "modern forms" such as comics: the NPD tried this back in the late 1990s, in 2017 the Berlin AfD parliamentary group launched a comic with a variety of radical right-wing motifs, and most recently the "Identitäre Bewegung" founded its own publishing house in 2019 to distribute its "Hydra Comics" for the distribution of right-wing comic productions.

You can find detailed information here: https://www.apabiz.de/2022/rechte-comics-teil-1/ and there https://www.apabiz.de/2022/rechte-comics-teil-2/

This shows us that the world of comics, for all its fantasy, is not outside the current situation, but like many other areas, must defend itself against right-wing tendencies and clearly reject them. Wir sagen: kein Fußbreit den Nazis, keine Comics den Faschist*innen!
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Secretly, we posted the new DC Connect and IMAGE catalog for March 2024 while we are still waiting for the new Previews and Marvel catalogs...
So, come over and look inside and find the new highlights right away!
And perhaps make sure that you do have everything you need of the PREVIEWS and MARVEL catalogs from February 2024 as long as the pre-order discount is still at its highest...
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To mark the start of our 30th anniversary, we are cutting the prices of Germany's largest backstock of indie comics by 50%. Well over 10,000 items are now only half price. To make it a little easier for you to browse through the large independent section, you will find a comprehensive index of the most important publishers and their series below. If you are quick, you can secure complete series and lots of collector's items:  

  • Alle Artikel im 50% SALE  ----> Klick
  • Alle Indie-Publisher im Überblick ---> Klick

Aardvark-Vanaheim (klick!)

- Cerebus

- Cerebus in Hell

- Cerebus Div.

- Glamourpuss

Abstract Studio

- Terry Moore’s echo

- Five years

- Motor girl

- Parker girls

- Serial

- SIP kids

- Strangers in paradise

- Strangers in paradise XXV

Abolute Comics

- I make Boys Cry

- Dual Indentity

Action Lab

- Vamp blade

- Zombie tramp


- Artemis & Assasin

- Beyond the breach

- Brother Dracul

- Clankillers

- Chicken devil

- Kaiju score

- Killer groove

- Normals

- Ocean will take us

- Orphan age

- Knights temporal

- Phantom on scan

- Super zero

Ahoy Comics

 - Billionaire Island

- Justice Warriors


- Goon

- Hillbilly

American Mythology

- Casper

- Land That Time Forgot

- Eternal Thurst of Dracula

- Tom Holland´s Fright Night

-Three Stooges

- Zorror

Amryl (Cavewoman)

Antarctic Press

- Alias

- Cat Shit

- Death by Life

- Gold digger

- Warrior Nun Areala

Archie Comics

- Afterlife W A

- Archie

- Archie I

- Archie Div.

- Archie 1941

- Archie 55

- Archie & friends travel

- Archie Married life 10th Anniversary

- Archie meets Batman 66

- Archie vs Predator

- Betty & Veronica I

- Betty & Veronica Vixens

- Blossoms 666

- Jughead

- Mega man

- Jughead the hunger

- Reggie & me

- Riverdale

- Sabrina the teenage witch

- Sabrina

- Scooby Doo V

- Sonic

- Sonic Boom

- Vampironica

- A-Z


- Bubble gun

- Executive asst.

- Fathom

- Fathom (I-IV)

- Fathom Div.

- Four points

- Lola xoxo

- Sharazad

- Shrugged

- Soulfire



- Fearless Dawn


- Cinema Pargatora

- Wolfskin

- Uber

- Uber invasion

AWA Upshot

- Absolution

- Chariot

- Newthink

- Restistance

- Ribbon Queen


- Blind Alley

- Heavy Metal Drummer

- You Promised Me Darkness


- Lady Mechanika

Black Mask

- 3 Kids Walk Into A Bank

- Black

- Destiny NY

- White

Bliss on Top

- Dael

- Weed

Bleeding Cool

 - Bleeding cool


- Bart Simpson

- Simpsons

- Simpsons Div.


- Oz

- StormQuest

Cartoon Books

- Bone


- Meridian

- Scion


- Shi Div.

Devil’s Due/DDP

- GI Joe Div.

- Hackslash

Drawn & Quarterly 

 - Berlin


- Hip Hop Family Tree

- Love & rockets

Heavy Metal

 - Black Beacon

- Savage Circus

- Dark Wing


- Anihilator

- Tower Chronicles

Lion Forge

- Catalyst Prime

- Infinty 8

Mad Cave

- Crusader

- Edenfrost

- Becstar


- Hardcase

- Night Man


- House of Java

- Dungeon One


- Backtrack

- Bunker

- Invader Zim

- Jonna

- Helheim

- Ressurection

- Queen & country


- Bill & Ted

- Frank Frazetta Death Dealer


- After Dark

Red 5

- The Box

- Riptide

Second Sight

- Edge

        - Forsaken

Scout [Black Caravan]

- Eternus

- Distorted

- Locust

- Mullet Cop

- Once Our Land

- Red Winter

Source Point Press

- Cult of Dracula

- Good boy

Storm King

- John Carpenter


- Dark Beach

- Firstborn

- Purple Oblivion

Tekno/Big Entertainment

- Tekno lost universe

- Tekno Primartales

- Tekno Tekno Phage

- Tekno Mr. Hero

- Tekno Div.


 - Black List

- Blade Runner

- Bloodborne

- Doctor Who


- Street fighter


- Bloodshot (Alt)

- Dead drop

- Eternal Warrior

- Harbringer

- Magnus robot fighter

- Magnus robot fighter(Alt)


- End after End

- Fear Scape

- Heavy

- Human Remains

- Mindset

- Money Shot


  - Elfquest


- A-Z

- Grimmfairy tales

- Gft Grimm fairy tales

- Gft Myth & legends

- Gft of Oz

- Gft Robyn Hood

- Grimms Spotlight

- (Grimm) Tales of terror

- Grimm universe Div.

- Gft Wonderland

- Gft Div.

- Van Helsing


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For over 30 years, Black Dog Comics has specialized in the import and sale of US comics. As a Berlin comic book store dedicated exclusively to the American comic book scene and with first-class connections to the Direct Market, we have made it our mission to provide readers of US comics with an all-around carefree package.

That means: up to 28% discount for our subscribers and frequent customers, the latest comic issues, variants, trade paperbacks, hardcovers and omnibuses imported directly from the USA every week, as well as all solicitations from Marvel, DC, Image, and Diamond, available for pre-order here in the catalog section as quickly as possible.

With 30 years of experience in shipping comics, we will send your goods safely and reliably as requested or make them available for you to pick up in your personal subscription box in our Berlin comic book store with its Kiez tradition. The subscriptions are completely non-binding. At the same time, we enable you to make individual cover requests and the most uncomplicated management of your comic series imaginable. Simply add Batman, Amazing Spider-Man or the Previews catalog catalog to your shopping cart and you'll enjoy our reliable, free subscription service.

From the major series by Marvel, DC, Image, Fantagraphics, Dark Horse, IDW and Boom to unknown comic book series from small independent publishers to limited incentive covers and rare Golden and Silver Age collector's items - our backstock is constantly growing and regularly updated with attractive sales. In addition, there is a comprehensive range of comic book supplies such as comic bags and boxes, as well as lots of merchandise such as posters, statues or printed comic boxes.

We even offer a newsletter that keeps you up to date!

In line with our philosophy, our team of comic lovers is always ready to answer any questions you may have and does not hide behind an anonymous service wall. Whether you're buying US comics for the first time or are a long-established comic collector looking for a new home - we´ll offer you our best. :)

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