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Because of problems with the distributors, there will be no new comics this week of June 10th - June 15th. But we will have a double amount of new comics next week!

Be strong and have good week nevertheless!
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All JUNE 2024 catalogs are online, so get ready to pre-order!
IMAGE gives us a host of new, star-powered series: POWER FANTASY #1, STANDSTILL #1 and UNIVERSAL MONSTERS FRANKENSTEIN #1! And DEPARTMENT OF TRUTH gets to #25!
At DC, ABSOLUTE POWER continues all alround in the main series and the tie-ins! News of WildStorm with JENNY SPARKS #1 und DC VS VAMPIRES WORLD WAR V #1 is continuing the Elseworld-Saga!
MARVEL is getting more for the X-Reboot 'From the Ashes' and starts UNCANNY X-MEN #1, WOLVERINE REVENGE #1 und X-FACTOR #1! And is there a new Team-Up movie out? Might I interest you in a suitable comic with DEADPOOL TEAM-UP #1?
And in PREVIEWS, we find a lot of highlights like: DUCK & COVER #1! EC CRUEL UNIVERSE #1! LILITH #1! MAGIC ORDER V #1! And many more!
Have fun!
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Can I subscribe to Variants? What does "fn" mean? Why wasn't I immediatly directed to PayPal when ordering? Am I Batman? Most asked questions and answers for all our curious customers (old and new) in an orderly fashion can be found HERE!    

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For over 30 years, Black Dog Comics has specialized in the import and sale of US comics. As a Berlin comic book store dedicated exclusively to the American comic book scene and with first-class connections to the Direct Market, we have made it our mission to provide readers of US comics with an all-around carefree package.

That means: up to 28% discount for our subscribers and frequent customers, the latest comic issues, variants, trade paperbacks, hardcovers and omnibuses imported directly from the USA every week, as well as all solicitations from Marvel, DC, Image, and Diamond, available for pre-order here in the catalog section as quickly as possible.

With 30 years of experience in shipping comics, we will send your goods safely and reliably as requested or make them available for you to pick up in your personal subscription box in our Berlin comic book store with its Kiez tradition. The subscriptions are completely non-binding. At the same time, we enable you to make individual cover requests and the most uncomplicated management of your comic series imaginable. Simply add Batman, Amazing Spider-Man or the Previews catalog catalog to your shopping cart and you'll enjoy our reliable, free subscription service.

From the major series by Marvel, DC, Image, Fantagraphics, Dark Horse, IDW and Boom to unknown comic book series from small independent publishers to limited incentive covers and rare Golden and Silver Age collector's items - our backstock is constantly growing and regularly updated with attractive sales. In addition, there is a comprehensive range of comic book supplies such as comic bags and boxes, as well as lots of merchandise such as posters, statues or printed comic boxes.

We even offer a newsletter that keeps you up to date!

In line with our philosophy, our team of comic lovers is always ready to answer any questions you may have and does not hide behind an anonymous service wall. Whether you're buying US comics for the first time or are a long-established comic collector looking for a new home - we´ll offer you our best. :)

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