Here come the new maxi series! MOON IS FOLLOWING US #1 is a science fantasy story by
Riley Rossmo and Daniel Warren Johnson about a couple in search of their daughter in a very hostile environement! In TIN CAN SOCIETY #1, a metal-suited vigilante, Caliburn, is found murdered and his suit stolen. Now his estranged childhood best friends reunite to solve the mystery of his murder!
And some familiar face are back for more! The Eisner Award-nominated horror anthology is back
and CREEPIER than ever, with two all-new stories in every issue from YOUR favorite creators in CREEPSHOW III #1! Duggan and McCrea are back and knocking teeth down throats in DEAD EYES EMPTY FRAMES #1 where the world’s most unkillable comic is out of hiding and back stomping around Boston! LADY MECHANIKA DEVIL IN THE LAKE #1 has an all-new story featuring guest artist Siya Oum (Lola XOXO, Fathom)! Maria Llovet (CRAVE, Luna, Porcelain) returns with VIOLENT FLOWERS #1, a sensual tale about vengeance and acceptance, and the importance of embracing who we really are. Skybound's mega-sized hit series returns in ULTRAMEGA BY JAMES HARREN #5!
And the HORIZON EXPERIMENT is a series of five one-shots created by comics, literary, and TV superstars, providing new POVs on popular genres and acting as pilots for new series.

#13 JULY 2024