Issue: PO-31.07.24: #2 Martinbrough-c($3,99)

Description: 2024: #1 New York Times bestselling author Neil Gaiman joins forces with Eisner nominated Adora writer Marc Bernardin and Thief of Thieves co-creator Shawn Martinbrough to adapt Gaiman's Locus and British Fantasy award-winning novel as a comic book series for the first time-and soon to be a television show on Amazon Prime! Reeling from the knowledge bomb that his father was a trickster god, Fat Charlie returns to his life: the impending wedding to Rosie, his fiancée, and his job working for the completely unfulfilling Grahame Coats Agency. But not before he learns how to contact the mysterious brother he never knew he had. • Faithfully adapted from the original novel!

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Creators: Bernardin, Marc Gaiman, Neil Martinbrough, Shawn