Issue: ($19,95)

Description: 2020: These headstrong tsunderes play confident, but they're secretly sweethearts deep down! Ichikawa just got caught in a very compromising predicament. One of her nighttime rituals is pulling out her favorite fluffy teddy bear and going to town riding it. Problem is this night, she forgets to close her curtains and gets caught by her neighbor, Jin. When confronted, Ichikawa thinks that he's going to blackmail and defile her, but in reality, he's a kind hearted gentle giant. The two start an unlikely friendship, with Jin fixing up her plushies and them bonding over cute thing. But It's been days since Ichikawa's last session and her urges are becoming unbearable. Ichikawa knows that Jin is like a timid panda, but once she starts her ritual on him, he becomes a grizzly! Indecent Proposal by Minato Fumi shines a spotlight on stubborn girls who tenaciously cling to what they want and quick-witted ladies that lead quiet boyfriends to play catch-up. But what's cuter than a strong-willed cutie losing their composure and showing vulnerability in an intimate moment? This Indecent Proposal is an offer you won't want to refuse.

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